Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thoughts on Going Back to School

Now or later? Online or in class? What if we finally get pregnant... would I stay in school or quit and have this conversation with myself again later? These are just some of the many questions floating around my head right now. 

I could move early to attend school in an actual classroom, but then I would be without my wonderful husband for a semester. I could wait and just go back to school next spring, but then if I was to be (finally) pregnant that probably wouldn't work either. Would I want to start school, start a family, quit school, and then start again later?

Then there is the question of motivation... Last time I was in school I got really burned out, and then spending time studying Arabic at DLI turned my brain to mental mush.  Do I even really want to go now? I know that it would definitely be easier before we have a family, but is my brain really ready to commit to that again?

Who knows what I'll do.  At least I have a month or two to decide; although its probably the sooner the better. Just some things to consider...


  1. Well, if it were me I'd be a perpetual student. Already have my masters, but can think of just about every other subject I'd love to get another one in! Alas, it's my husband who gets to go back to school. Still, I watch the grind it has become, as he is working full time as well.

  2. Thanks, I have a feeling I will be going back and forth forever. . . to many things to learn about. I have always liked school, but have been burned out as of late.


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