Friday, April 15, 2011

New Items !!!

Today I thought I would feature my own shop. I have been creating new items and recently switched my store to a different site.  So here are my latest items in my new store!

Nursing Covers!!!!
Both of these are double sided, but I have single sided ones that will have a terry cloth corner on the under side coming soon.  I am also thinking of including with all the cover orders a matching drawstring bag that the cover can go in so it won't be sprawled out inside the diaper bag... what do you all think? I don't have babies yet... Is this something you think would get used or would it be a waist of time to make? 

Baked Potato Pouches
Both of these are "Personal" sized they will hold up to 2 potatoes, but today or tomorrow I'll have up "Family" sized ones that will hold 4. These are also great for steaming veggies! Pop a couple of potatoes in these, throw it in the microwave, and in 4-6 minutes you have a hot, steaming baked potato!

Throw Pillow Cover
So this is the only pattern I have up now but I am thinking of doing a couple more patterns and in my next ones putting zippers in on the bottom edge instead of the snaps, so the pillow cover can be two sided as well.
Well that is most of my new stuff, but please come by and check out my new store on Zibbet, this is where I will be posting all of my items from now on.
Also don't forget that I have a Mother's Day Sale going on just use coupon code: MOTHERSDAY


  1. I love the other nursing cover as well!! SO cute (and I'd use that for either boy or girl)! I think a little bag would be nice, although I probably wouldn't pay more for it. I just folded my cover up. If I was debating between two that were similarily priced, I'd get the one with the little bag.

  2. Thanks. I was thinking of just including them with the cover. I have a little fabric left over after I make the covers, and I don't mind making the little bags if they will be wanted/used.


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