Friday, June 3, 2011

Long Time No See....

WOW!!! I could have swore it has only been a couple of weeks since I last posted, but I see it has actually been just shy of a month! Needless to say things have been pretty busy around here.  My Med Board came back early and that sent us into a frenzy, so to speak.  Since it came back early we are moving early, which is both good and bad and kind of bitter sweet.  This week I have been contacting movers for the big cross country trek- California to Georgia (I think). Now we could always use the military movers for this job, but they are already booked till July on our base and we don't have orders yet.  So we decided to cut to the chase and do it ourselves (well kind off).  So  unfortunately over the next little bit my blogging might be a little sporadic. We leave California in 5 weeks and then will be going to Texas for about 3 months-ish.  Then finally we should arrive in Georgia (I think... where are those orders at!!!!) around October or November.

In the last few weeks though I have found some AMAZING recipes, a few GREAT shops to share, and have sewn some really cute nursing covers and car seat strap covers. So my goal is next week to get back into the blogging rhythm and share my new finds.

If you get a change go check out my new stuff.  There are more nursing covers and strap covers to come soon. . . lots of projects in the work right now. 

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  1. Dity moves are SO worth the effort! We've made several thousand off of them both times. We had one week to pack up out of Cali (they were going to keep Joel and teach him a 2nd language, then changed their minds last minute).


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