Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dear Mr. Officer

Dear Mr. Officer,

I understand that most everyone in our building is military and we are all up early. However, need I remind you of the set up of our building. While you may have one of the two first floor apartments, the rest of us live on the second floor, and all of the parking is directly under our units. So when you decide to start and rev up your motorcycle at 2:55 A.M., and then race around the block only to come back in and park two minutes later.  It is rather annoying.  I think I jumped two feet out of bed with all the racket, not to mention I was unable to return to sleep. To top it off it was my day off, and even if it wasn't my day off I would still be annoyed to be woken ten minutes before my alarm was set to go off.  0300 comes sooner then most people would think.

Further more, I just heard more noise outside and it appears you are moving.  While I see TMO is moving you, they are blocking the drive.  No one in the building can get in or out.  Seeing that it took them ten minutes to park the UHaul because the drive is so narrow and on a hill, I do not think they are going to be very pleasant about moving it later.  Not to mention there is a giant sign saying "DO NOT BLOCK THE DRIVE" and "NO PARKING".  I understand this is not your fault, but due to my heart stopping, rather abrupt wake up from this morning, this is kind of like the icing on a nonexistent cake.

No disrespect intended. You have always seemed pleasant in the past so the last six hours have thrown me for a loop. I am also a little anxious today.  My monthly visit from my favorite aunt is late but the stick is still negative, and I would REALLY like it to not be negative for once.   

Anyways, I digress.  Good luck at your next duty station.

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  1. So, Did you stick this note on his motorcycle? I sure would have? PS I love your sense of humor. Found you through Zibbet community. Off to read rest of your blog now.


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