Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Fabric!!!

Every time I get new fabric I get sooooo excited.  I can't help my self but go crazy thinking of all the possibilities!!! So I thought I would spread around my excitement, and show you some of my latest fabric.  Its not much, but enough to spread a big smile across my face... 

The first set... drum roll please....

The second set!!!!

Ok like I said they're not much, but think of the possibilities!!! I think the blue flower print is going to be aprons with yellow sashes and bias tape, and I think yellow flower print is going to be you guessed it aprons with the stripe print being the trim... and off course there will have to be matching oven mitts and pot holders.  I just had an epiphany... maybe, just maybe, I might even make a Mommy and Me set out of the blue flower print.  Only one problem... I make my own patterns and I don't have any kids to get measurements from :(  Hhmm looks like I will be on the look out for children to borrow.  I need models.    

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